80% of the results will come from 20% of the efforts!

Have you heard of the Pareto principle? The 80/20 rule states that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. So to maximize efficiency, you should identify the most important 20% of your work.

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The 80/20 rule is one of the most helpful concepts for life and time management. We can take Pareto’s 80 20 rule and apply it to almost any situation. Understanding the principle is essential to learning how to prioritize your tasks, days, weeks, and months. In business, it’s essential to strategic planning, which is one of the leadership qualities shared by the world’s most important leaders.

 How Does The Pareto Principle Work?

The Pareto Principle is a concept that suggests two out of ten items, on any general to-do list, will turn out to be worth more than the other eight items put together. The sad fact is that most people procrastinate on the top 10 or 20 percent of items that are the most valuable and important, the “vital few,” and busy themselves instead with the least important 80 percent, the “trivial many,” that contribute very little to their success.

Using The Pareto Rule To Achieve Success In Life!

The starting point of great success and achievement has always been the same.

It begins with you dreaming big.

There is nothing more important, and nothing that works faster than for you to cast off your own limitations than for you to begin dreaming and fantasizing about the wonderful things that you can become, have, and do.

As a wise man once said, “You must dream big dreams, for only big dreams have the power to move the minds of men.” When you begin to dream big, your levels of self-esteem and self-confidence will go up immediately. You will feel more powerful about yourself and your ability to deal with what happens to you. The reason so many people accomplish so little is that they never allow themselves to lean back and imagine the kind of life that is possible for them.


1.  Use the MY TASK feature to create daily tasks, categorize them, and set deadlines for completing them.


2.  Focus on the most important tasks and start by completing the ones that will make the biggest impact on your business. Mark them with the PRIORITY label.

3. Always plan ahead and be organized about your daily activities.



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