Organize effective and open communication!

Open and clear communication is very important for successful and productive work. Lack of communication between the departments or even inside one team may lead to gaps in the final product and money losses for the company.

Prisma Platform 2020.07.13

Make sure that the processes of sharing updates, thoughts, and ideas as well as the —Āollaboration inside the team run smoothly. 
Use Prisma for better communication!


A record of tasks, due dates, and priorities makes sure everyone understands what they should be doing. This is particularly helpful when managing a lot of employees—and improves communication about projects. Expectations are clear and it eliminates confusion about who should be working on what. Use your project management tools in your intranet to assign and record projects. Always live by the philosophy that if it's not written down, it doesn't exist. 




Try to establish a work environment in which you can freely communicate with your employees. When you solicit feedback from workers you can learn about issues and resolve problems before things escalate. Some of your employees may have good ideas that can improve workplace efficiency, but you may never hear about these ideas if you don't establish open communication with your staff. You can use the Prisma Platform to communicate with your employees, share ideas, and feedback. 


How to use Prisma for better communication?


1. Lead your projects and create the right environment for handing out tasks, communicating, and completing them successfully.


2. Use the Discussion section to communicate about tasks and to provide specific feedback.


3. Use the Timeline view to get your team a complete overview of what to do.

Follow your daily tasks in order to be efficient and be up to date with your plans. Supervise your projects step by step until accomplishment.


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