Prisma Platform v. 2

Prisma Platform's second version is set to be launched in March. Discover our future changes.

Prisma Platform 2021.02.15

We are very glad to announce that we are close to launch the second version of Prisma Platform. The launch is expected exactly on the very first birthday of the platform and that's a hell of a way to celebrate it. 

In the first months of existence we strived to get as many feedback as possible to validate our product and to improve it as much as needed. Shortly after that (back in august 2020) we decided to rewrite the whole platform with one of the most modern web programming technologies. There are many reasons behind this decision, it meant to build up everything from the ground again, but trust us, it was totally worth it. Let's get an insight about our changes:

1. Security

One of the main reasons of the complete turnaround was the security of our application. We've worked out a solution with our security specialist that blocks every attempt of data request if the user is not authorized and logged in securely. With this new solution we can confirm that there will be 0% chance that your data will be seen by unwanted users from other companies or 3rd parties.

2. Design & UX

The second version is a Single Page Application (SPA) that offers a smooth transition between the pages and functionalities. The platform provides instant feedback after every action you do and you will also be notified if something went wrong. We have also redesigned the functionalities inside a project so that every page became a different view for you tasks. You have many options now to display, edit and manage your assignments within a project.

3. Real-time functionalities

In the old version, our system reduced the server traffic by getting the new notifications just once every 10 seconds. We improved our notification system which is based now on WebSockets meaning that if something new happens, you will be instantly notified. This solution is very efficient and secure. We are also planning to make every feature real time. (E.g if somebody completes a task, you don't have to refresh the page to see the new status of that specific task)

4. A completely new chat

We admit that the chat has been one of our weaknesses in terms of efficiency and number of functionalities. But we have listened to our users and we have started to develop a brand new chat back in June. And the result is awesome! It's not only working completely real-time, you can also see when somebody is typing, you can send emojis, files and in the left side of the chat you can see how many unread messages you have.

5. Company files

In the new version you will be able to create endless levels of folders and you will have no restrictions for structuring your company's files. You won't need Dropbox or Google Drive ever!

6. Drag and drop of tasks

In the list view of your tasks you will be able to grab a task and move it into a different category. This is the simplest way to modify them and have a successful planning.

7. Calendar list view

Are you used to list views rather than to a calendar view? No problem, we will categorise your events in 3 sections: Past events, Today's events and Upcoming events. You will see only those you want to. Sound good, right?

8. Migrating to AWS

AWS is arguably the best server in the world right now. Switching to AWS made us possible to implement a lot of amazing features that work very-very efficient and secure. The efficiency improvements can be felt all over the application and thank to the S3 bucket your files will be safer as ever.

9. Automation of some services

We have started to automate our platform more and more. Starting with the second version you will get an email every morning regarding your tasks and events on that specific day.

10. Extensibility

The new code base was created in order to be as extensible as possible for new features. We are always open for your suggestions, anything can be implemented so drop us a line at if you'd like to talk about project management and productivity.

Kind regards,
the Prisma Platform team

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