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Prisma Platform


Plan your projects and gather the required team members. Give an opportunity to your firm to manage the best and most suitable productiveness in your work.


All data concerning your firm, staff, projects are to be stored in one place. This way you will get a transparent management leading to a more successful business.


In the interest of a successful implementation make use of only one platform which allows inside firm communication, deadlines scheduling, next steps decisions and assignment of tasks. All the previous mentioned would be better supervised.

PRISMA – Your company’s platform

Your projects

All your projects in one place. Load your work and attach the most appropriate team members. The platform helps you to manage the ongoing projects and finish them on time. We offer our support from the planning through implementation till evaluation.

Prisma Platform

PRISMA – Your company’s platform

Your calendar

We are ready with the help of calendar to have all the important events of the firm, the locations and schedule saved in one place for a better transparent full programme.

Prisma Platform

PRISMA – Your company’s platform


PRISMA gives an opportunity for the safekeeping of your files, sharing and categorising them. All important documents can be stored in one place.

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Prisma Platform

PRISMA – Your company’s platform

Chat Box

Communicate with your team, your staff on only one chat. Have all conversations connected to your firm in one place. Organise groups and make a good assignment for all the work that has to be done.

Prisma Platform

PRISMA – Your company’s platform


Assign what is to be done keeping in mind the plan, time and places for a complete fulfilment of the projects. We make possible the supervising of your tasks and the other members.

Prisma Platform

These functions make us different and your company successful

Take your business and team to the PRISMA platform

In less than 10 minutes you can take your business and team to an online field. Take advantage of the PRISMA characteristics and the management of your firm can be less complicated and more transparent. Keep planning, communicate and make it happen with the help of only one platform. You can have a final data base which allows progressive development of your achievements.

Add your projects and organise the suitable team

In a few seconds you can add the new projects at your firm and complete the list of the best people to be part of them. This way you have a platform that makes possible a more productive and successful final product. Give deadlines, assign work to each member and supervise their progress.

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Our customers opinion is the most important to us. PRISMA team keeps on working to earn your confidence and satisfaction. Our vision is to create a platform that makes possible the success of all your attempts, projects.

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