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Our mission

We are a young, Transylvania based Team who started to create a platform to help local entrepreneurs. We believe that the Messenger/WhatsApp/E-mail based internal communication is not effective enough, so we tried to come up with something really useful not only for multinationals, but for small companies, with 5-10 employees, who are motivated to raise productivity through technology. Prisma can be used easily to share files, create tasks, monitor them and communicate properly with co-workers.

An entire platform for your firm and team!

In the interest of a successful implementation, we've built a platform which allows inside company communication, deadlines scheduling, next steps decisions and assignment of tasks. With the Prisma Platform the management of your firm can be less complicated and more transparent. Keep planning, communicate and make it happen with the help of only one platform.

Kiss Levente, Co-founder

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Prisma Platform for project management

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Prisma Platform for project management

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Prisma Platform for project management

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Prisma Platform for project management


Experience quality

Ever since the idea of making such a platform was born, we wanted to focus on simplicity and productivity. We are deeply believe that the tools we implemented can make the project management more effective and a lot quicker.

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Prisma Platform for project management

However, we won't stop here, we'd like to implement many more revolutionary tools that are simple to use, fast and secure.

"The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles."

- Otto Fischer, Co-founder

The main features of Prisma

Prisma Platform for project management

The platform was optimised on every screen size including Desktop, IPad and phones.

Prisma Platform for project management

Thanks to the modern technologies we use, Prisma takes less than a second to load.

Prisma Platform for project management

You can customise the layout and switch between light mode and dark mode.

"Since I use Prisma, one thing is for sure: I have not forgotten any task of my projects. I use checklists and I can track the work of my colleagues. It helps me day by day!"

Polacsek P├ęter

Diversity Advertising

"PRISMA is a very useful platform that gathers in one place the people and information of a company. It is basically a virtual office, where we can discuss, plan and organize our activity."

Marian Budean


"The platform is a very efficient one for internal communication within a company. We use it mainly for sharing tasks and carrying out projects. The possibility to have a common database with our clients helped us a lot."

Kiss Attila